Founded by Ryan Levitus, Visual Refinery has been processing and refining raw pixels into the highest quality commercial grade products since 2001.

Specializing in motion graphics design + animation, compositing, visual effects and art direction - we hand craft creative solutions for a wide variety of high profile projects spanning a range of mediums including film, television, internet and print.

Through the creative direction of Ryan Levitus, we provide expert consultation and services in all aspects of content creation such as live action production, editorial, logo and brand identity development, 3d product design, social media, workflow pipeline strategy, and new business development.  

New areas being explored and of interest are in the creation of augmented and virtual reality experiences.    

visualrefinery.com is primarily a portfolio of projects Ryan Levitus has worked on.  The work on this site is made up of a combination of self produced projects and projects I've had a significant role in creating at outside companies - involving collaboration from a variety of talented individuals. 

Ryan is available for commissioned work produced through Visual Refinery, as well as onsite at various studios for collaborations as part of a team.